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Trading and Design Company

Two Lane Trading and Management

What we do

Two Lane Trading and Management helps to promote Main Street America, local shops, small businesses, and individuals through our design services. 

Web Design

Websites are the best way to fully share your business in one simple spot. We design anything from basic sites to more advanced e-commerce solutions for small shops and individuals.


Graphic Design

We design graphics, logos, and materials for your business and personal needs. We specialize in internet, social media, and print marketing materials and merchandise.

Content Creation

Content is a big word in marketing today. Content is everything you share on social media to your website to other platforms. We help develop your content to share.

Branding Strategies

Branding is creating a distinctive design and look for your small business. We assist companies in creating fresh looks that are true to the their original charm.


We help create graphics, logos, and more for merchandise needs. We also create digital prototypes and various products for your small business or brand.

Digital Media

We provide services in photography production and post-production editing, video production and post-production editing, and help develop images and video for social media and more.


Two Lane Trading is currenty partnered with the International RATical Rod Build Off Drive Off and GRB Production Company in developing content and videos for the TV series RATical.


We work with a variety of types of businesses and individuals. Our main way of connecting to our clientele. We want you to succeed and understand every step of the way. Here’s some of our talents and our fancy technical terms.


Websites help give your business or idea a polished, professional platform. We work with small businesses, local mom and pop shops, and more, in developing and designing a website. We can do anything from developing a person’s dream blog to setting up your store on e-commerce to take your sales to a whole new platform and more. Have an idea for a site? Contact us.


What is branding? No, it’s not something you put on cattle. Branding is a strategy to give your business a definite look, feel, or aesthetic. Once, it was said by a mentor, “what does your company say to you? what colors does it wear? what does it’s voice sound like?”. Yeah, we don’t talk like that. We just tell you to keep it consistent and help you figure out what “your brand” looks like and how to grow the right audience.


We look into your audience and your brand and help you develop a logo or graphic that best fits your profile. We do anything from elaborate shirt graphics to very simple modern graphics. We believe the development of a graphic takes a human team perfecting your vision. We design our graphics to go on anything from large scale print to web and small print.


Merchandising is you guessed it, creating merchandise. There are all kinds of strategies to that gig. We are here for you from the initial stages of merchandise choices until the very end, when you make your first sale. We are here to explain it all from product photography to mock-ups to warehousing to drop-shipping.


Digital Media is the fancy term for photography and video. We not only work with cameras in hand, we also take your pictures and videos and do post-production editing. What does even mean? It means you can send us 100 photos or 3 hours of videos and we’ll edit it, clean it up, and make it worth sharing.


What the heck is “content”? Well these days in order to be on top of your game in social media and web marketing, you always have to have new material, new “content”, constantly to share on social media with your name and brand all over it. Yes, us old people all miss that one postcard you had to think about every now and then.

The Good Old Days Meet Tech

We are old, we love old things. We remember things like newspapers and letters coming in the mail. We have visions of Main Street America thriving, classic cars cruising by. But, we are going to be real with you, ya gotta get better with technology to connect, to grow, and to keep going. Head hurt? Well, we are here for you. We are here to share your passion of the old school days, while telling you in the same breath about the importance of hashtags. #Sorry. Let us help you with different ways to monetize your small business with branding, merchandise, and more.

From Our Clients

Two Lane Trading and Management works with a variety of clientele from sports leagues to boutiques. Here’s what our customers have to say about us.

“You always are able to explain things in the simplest way possible. Thanks for always going out of your way in making sure our needs are met.”

Director, Educational Company

“I can build a car, but this stuff goes straight over my head. Thanks for putting things in such easy to understand terms. You really took the time to walk me through all these things step-by-step.”

Owner, Classic Car Garage

“Thanks for helping us get out of the stone age in the way we do things. The site looks great. Thanks for putting it all in easy to understand terms. You have exceeded my expectation.”

Partner, Athletic Company

“You really are a treasure and I really appreciate you and value your opinion and expertise. Thanks for being a rockstar and keeping us going.”

Owner, Local Retail Store




102 E. Hosack
Boerne, TX 78006